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The branding flow


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Branding &
Visual Identity

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Brand or rebranding

The brand building flow can be applied to either the development of a new brand or the rebranding of an existing firm. We really believe that it’s important to have a great brand name and make it look awesome, but branding does not end there.

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A brand is imperative to have an identity. What exactly does that mean? It means personality, character, the way you are perceived buy your employees, partners and more importantly your clients.

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A brand, in itself, can give away a message, an emotion or a vibe if you may. Having a great name and an awesome logo is just the first step. Add to that a great presence and things really start to unfold.

Printable materials weight a lot in terms of visual identity, be it a business card or a flyer, brochure, or even a billboard on a highway.

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Web Design &


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Online presence

A great vision, a clear message is the cornerstone of every business. The way you address these, can make a great difference and have a big impact. When talking about presence, the most important thing we must mention is online presence.

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The best tool

The best way to achieve this is through a professionally built website, or if you’re selling physical or virtual products, even services online, a beautifully made e-commerce site. A website is the best tool to gain credibility, look professional and start working on your reputation.

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The strength of a firm’s reputation is directly related to the visibility of that brand within its target market. Getting your message or vision heard is imperative to any business, and we have just the tools you need to communicate the brand.

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The right people

So you’ve worked on your brand name, logo and got your whole identity set up. The reality is that it doesn’t really mean much if you’re not heard, if your audience doesn’t see you, if you’re not reaching the right people. This is where a great marketing strategy comes in.

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ADS & Marketing

Knowing how to get your customer’s attention requires research and dedication. Google ADS or Social Media Marketing are the main things you want to consider.

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Reach clients

Wether you need to reach clients with the intention of buying your products or services, which ADS does best, or you just want to grow your brand’s awareness, referring to services like Facebook or Instagram, we got you covered. Working with the best tools and the best digital marketing analytics, we will make your brand visible.

why us

We focus on the big picture

Creating a brand identity that effectively communicates the brand’s values and personality.

Supporting Your Company Growth

Just like a trusty partner, our aim is making sure that everything works towards your desired outcome, and probably to even surpass it.

For this to happen, it usually means tackling problems that go beyond concept and design.

Floarea Ta

Floral design workshop

“building47 offered more than we asked for. Their business insight and real comprehension of what we actually needed, steered us towards a much better understanding of the real potential of our business.

We asked for a website and got much more than just that. They’ve really “walked that extra mile”, more than once, always open to help in any ways possible.”

Anca Alungulesei

Nutrition therapist, Motivational speaker, Author.

“Thank you, building47, from the bottom of my heart for getting my work on the “online scene” but, more than that, thank you for building a website that simply exceeded any expectations I might have had on the subject.
The synchronicity of the universe has brought my way, at the best time possible, a team of really cool people, extremely professional, talented and passionate about what they do.

I am grateful.”


Our team consists of specialised individuals, with extensive experience and deep knowledge of the branding flow.

We bring a wealth of expertise in branding & visual identity, web design & development, and digital marketing, allowing us to deliver exceptional results.

Easy Communication And Flexibility

Communicating easily is a must. We know that working towards a great brand reputation can feel overwhelming.

That’s why we’re here to make it easy for you. Our friendly team breaks down the process into manageable steps, guiding you every step of the way with patience and clarity.

Devtel Software

Industrial automation software experts

“As a software company, we appreciate the importance of straightforward processes and how tedious finding the best way to get through to people, can be.

building47 mastered this issue, and the way they’ve handled every process of back-and-forth information sharing was exceptional, hands down.”

recent work

Some of our favorite projects

Although each project has it’s own story, it’s own process and challanges, and we enjoy every part of it.

Branding & Web design

Dr. Mihai Motora

Web Design & Dev

Anca Alungulesei

Web design & E-commerce

Atelier de Creație

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